Windshield Repair or Replacement

The windshield is the most important safety feature of your car – it prevents the roof from caving in during an accident, protects the occupants of the vehicle from harm, and also keeps them from being ejected through the front of the car. Most car owners don’t know this- and prefer to opt for the lowest price when they have to repair or replace the windshield. You must know that a decision like that could endanger your life if you are unfortunate enough to be in a serious accident. Cutting corners on the car glass could cause serious harm and can even be fatal.

If your windshield is replaced by inexperienced technicians, it could suddenly pop out under stress caused by strong winds, making the roof cave in and crush the occupants of the car. If you are in an accident and the airbags deploy, they slam into the windshield which will pop out if it is not fitted perfectly or firmly glued in place.

When you come to Auto Glass Scarborough, you can be assured that you are in safe hands – you have come to the best windshield repair and replacement technicians in town! We will first carry out a thorough inspection of the cracked windscreen to figure out if it can be repaired rather than replaced, saving you time and money. If you have a windshield crack repair or a stone chip repair that is less than 6 inches long and is located in a place where repair is possible, then a quick windshield repair may be all that you need. However, in cases where a repair is not likely to be safe, then we would advise you to go in for a total windshield replacement.

Windshield repairs are carried out by injecting polymer into the cracks or chips. Once the polymer has set, the area is smoothened out until it is virtually invisible. A glass surface that is pitted or cracked makes it difficult to drive safely at night, as the glare of the headlights from oncoming cars gets reflected off each tiny surface and hampers night vision.

A full windshield replacement is always carried out using glass that is to the OEM specifications. The old glass is first completely removed and any broken glass will be vacuumed out and cleaned. Using the most advanced primers and adhesives available, the new glass will be inserted and checked for a perfect fitting. Our technicians will advise that you let the car sit for at least an hour so that the adhesive dries completely, before driving it away.

Never postpone fixing your windshield – it could prove more costly than you think! Call Auto Glass Scarborough today!