Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

If the side or rear window of your vehicle gets damaged, driving can get very difficult. Even if it is a simple crack or a chip, it can make vision difficult, and if you are driving in bad weather conditions then it could be hazardous as well.

When you come to Auto Glass Scarborough, you get service from the best technicians in town. Cracked or chipped side and rear car glasses need to be replaced at the earliest, before the damage gets more extensive. Our auto glass replacement specialists are experienced and can get the job done in just an hour. You will be driving your vehicle on the road before you even know it!

Here’s what you can expect for an auto glass replacement:
If you require us to come to you, just give us a call. We offer 24 x 7 mobile services that can save you time and effort, as our team will come to you wherever you are.
Our technicians will inspect the damage carefully by removing the door panel for best access.
They will remove the broken vehicle window glass, making sure no debris is left.
A brand new glass which is to OEM standards will be fitted in its place.
Tests will be done to ensure that the window functions perfectly.
After the door panel is fitted back, they will check that everything is in order in all the other glasses as well.

The same process holds good for the rear window replacement as well, and the entire process can be quickly and efficiently completed in just an hour.
If you can swing by our shop location, you can get the job done at our premises as well, at your convenience.

We ensure that only the best glass is used, the fitting is done perfectly, and any defrost or technological capabilities are maintained. We are so sure of our workmanship that we provide a warranty on the quality of our fitting services. Your vehicle deserves the best- and that’s just what Auto Glass Scarborough gives you!